Development & Operations Job Descriptions 


Be a part of this arts support organization that provides services to one of the largest and most active arts communities in the US. You would provide leadership and direction to an established organization that is ready to take the next big step.

Development & Operations Officer

Stipended/Salaried Position
Senior Staff Position
Reports to Executive Director

Position Overview:  

The Development & Operations Officer is responsible for managing the core development functions of the organization including funding through grants, corporate and individual giving, sponsorships, and other fundraising.

This position is a member of the Innovative Theatre Foundation executive team, together with the other department heads and Executive Director.

In conjunction with the Executive Director, they are responsible for fulfilling the mission, vision, and health of the organization. They develop the strategic plan, decide how to allocate resources, and are the principal spokespeople for the organization.

Members of the executive team work closely with each other with some overlap in responsibilities. As a team, they may be called upon to assist or provide backup to each other and the ED. All three are responsible for and expected to actively participate in core functions including but not limited to: fundraising, production of awards events, and marketing efforts.

About the Innovative Theatre Foundation:  The Innovative Theatre Foundation was created to bring recognition to the great work being done in New York City's Off-Off-Broadway, to honor its artistic heritage, and to provide a meeting ground for this extensive community. The foundation produces the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. The organization advocates for Off-Off-Broadway and recognizes the unique and essential role it plays in contributing to American and global culture. We believe that publicly recognizing excellence in Off-Off-Broadway will expand audience awareness and appreciation of the full New York theatre experience.

The foundation is a not-for-profit arts organization supporting the Off-Off-Broadway community by:
  • Celebrating and Recognizing extraordinary Off-Off-Broadway Theatre
  • Strengthening the community and collective identity of Off-Off-Broadway
  • Honoring our artistic heritage
  • Advancing public interest in and understanding of the theatrical arts
  • The IT Awards’ process involves all levels of the New York theatre community

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Communicate and work with the executive team to fulfill the mission of the organization
  • Be a principal spokesperson for the foundation at all events, announcements, and media opportunities
  • Along with the executive team, plan and execute fundraising strategies
  • Along with the executive team, act as an Executive Producer for the awards events (Nom Party & Awards Ceremony)
  • Oversee production of fundraising events: logistics, timelines, budget management, and high-profile event participants
  • Manages accounts and services utilized by the organization
  • Develops financial performance measures that support the organization's strategic direction
  • Supervises quarterly review and annual audit and reports financial results to the Board of Directors
  • Acts as primary liaison to outside accountants and other financial entities
  • Manages and track accounts payable/receivable
  • Prepares and submit government filings
  • Establishes, organizes and tracks annual budgets
  • Ensures that the organization complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Maintains record keeping system
  • Ensures that all bills are paid and accounts are current
  • Establishes a diverse fundraising strategy that includes:
    • Grant writing
    • Individual giving campaigns
    • Developing/maintaining earned income streams
    • Developing corporate partners
    • Developing event sponsorships
    • Creating in-kind donation opportunities
    • Ensures fulfillment of funder/partner deliverables
  • Manages development and sales staff, accountants, assistants, and any other staff as needed

  • Arts Management/Human Resource Management degree, OR equivalent work experience
  • Primary Residence based in New York City
  • Well versed in Microsoft Suite and Google Drive capabilities
  • An understanding of the Nonprofit sector operating environment
  • Demonstrated fiscal responsibility / management
  • Strong organizational and project management skills required
  • 3-5 year commitment to the organization - ramping to FT, year round
  • Experience with event management and production
  • General knowledge of production
  • Poise under high-stress conditions
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • A commitment to diversity
  • Willing to prioritize Foundation first among creative and work projects - comply with Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • A highly collaborative team player who is also self-motivated, proactive and goal oriented
  • A “DIY” attitude and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience with developing websites is helpful

How to Apply

Nominations and Applications (cover letter and resume) can be sent to: with “Development & Operations Officer” in the subject line.  Additional materials and references may be requested at a later time.

Additional Information
This position will be a stipend position over the first year, becoming a leadership role within 12-24 months with salary dependent upon overall organizational funding achievements.

Hours/days of work are self directed/scheduled. An average of 40 hours monthly is anticipated. Hours on a weekly basis going up to 20-50 hours per week during production & special event weeks. Weekends/Nights are sometimes required. And on production dates can be up to an 12-18 hour day.

The Innovative Theatre Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.  


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