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And the It Award Goes To.... 

September 26, 2016, New York On Monday, September 26th, the 12th Annual New York Innovative Theatre Awards were presented to an enthusiastic crowd at the Kaye Playhouse. The recipients are listed here.

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2016 NY It Awards Ceremony 

Please join us in celebrating the Off-Off-Broadway community and the 2015-2016 season! Monday, September 26, 2016; 7PM to 10PM. Held at The Kaye Playhouse. Get your tickets today.

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2016 New York It Award Nominees 

The 2016 New York innovative Theatre Award Nominees were announced on Monday, August 8th. The nominees include 142 individual Artists, 50 different productions and 42 different theatre companies.

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2016 Nominee Announcement Party 

Its that time! Time to put on your party pants and celebrate the 2015-2016 season! The New York Innovative Theatre Awards Nominee Announcement Party will take place on Monday, August 8th beginning at 7PM at 42West. Come early, have a drink, get your photo taken, and celebrate.

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Meet the New Judge Wrangler 

by William McMahon 

"What does a Judge Wrangler do, exactly?" I inquired of new IT Awards Judge Wranger, Rochele Tillman. It sounds dangerously physical to me. "Well, it's basically an administrative job," she replied. She, along with David Stern, are the main contacts for the judges; assigning them to shows that need to be adjudicated, guiding them through their responsibilities, answering any other questions, and recruiting At-Large Judges. "Rochele and David are the back bone of the IT Awards," says Executive Director, Shay Gines. While most of their duties are conducted online, there's a fun part too.

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Open Art Marriage 

by Natalie Zutter 

Like any great love story Diana Oh, Leta Tremblay, Mariah MacCarthy have met multiple times over the years. Mutual adoration and respect for each other’s craft and worldview have coalesced into an unbeatable collaboration of Leta directing Mariah’s plays, often starring Diana—important, incisive, wrenching works about sexuality, queerness, rape culture, bodily autonomy, and love.

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The Tale of the Storyteller 

by Brian Petty 

In 2015 artist, singer, author and philanthropist, Donn Russell received the Founders Award from the Innovative Theatre Foundation. This honor was bestowed in recognition of his 50 years of service to the community. He has dedicated much of his life to discovering some truly exceptional and innovative artists and supporting their work. In addition, he has lived an incredibly bold and adventurous life, which could serve as inspiration for us all. Russell’s art is so prolific and he is such an epic storyteller, that being assigned to write this article was a bit intimidating. Encapsulating a life’s work in a few words seemed a daunting mission. However, even the storyteller needs to have his story told, and an interview offered me the perfect way to break into that story.

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Recipeints of the 2015 IT Awards  

The 2015 New York Innovative Theatre Awards were presented on Monday, September 21st at Mason Hall. The event was hosted by Jason Kravits, directed by Tim Errickson with script contributions by John Patrick Bray.

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The Joe Cino Ring 

by Mac Rogers 

Sometimes a colossal honor can fit inside a tiny circle, no wider than a human finger. The Innovative Theatre Foundation (ITF) received one such physics-defying honor this past July 21st, when Martin Denton and Rochelle Denton of the New York Theatre Experience presented core ITF team members Shay Gines, Akia Squitieri, and Nick Micozzi with a ring that once belonged to a man named Joe Cino. It’s not so strange if you measure the honor inherent in a ring not by its circumference, but by the hands through which the ring has passed. By this metric, there are few objects in American theater of equal value.

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How are they Chosen? The IT Awards Judging Process 

We get asked that a lot. So, we produced a fun 5-minute video to explain how the process works. It features many of the OOB artists we all know and love. We hope it helps answer some of the questions that you might have. Check it out on YouTube. You can also check out the powerpoint presentation of the process.

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In our continuous desire to reach out to you and to keep nurturing this community in any way we can - and as a means for YOU to get to know US better, the all-volunteer staff here at the IT Awards invites you to our informal forum. We are excited to share with you our impressions, ideas and reflections on this very active and hugely entertaining Off-Off-Broadway community in a casual and personal way.

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