Thoughts and Musings from the NYITA Directors

February 5, 2021

Almost a year since our last post in here. Well, to say that it's been a humdinger of a year would be an understatement. Our community has been impacted in many ways, both from the virus and the social changes that have been front and center since the murder of George Floyd. Here at the NYITA, we have been listening, learning, helping to provide environments for others to learn in, and working hard to change our own structure as well.

We have had computer/database woes that have kept us from compiling the recipients of the production awards from 2019-20. We continue to work on that, and continue to search for someone who can help us build a better system for the future. However, this hasn't stopped us from working on our Honorary and Special awards!

​March 20, 2020

Wow. Twenty days ago we started this new website and readied an email to all of you to let you know the latest happenings with us and the NYITA organization. We never could have guessed just how fast our news, our organization, our community, our industry, our lives would be changed in a major way. All because of the Coronavirus.

We've seen Broadway shut down; been part of indie shows that have closed, or been closed; lost jobs and watched other friends and colleagues lose jobs; watched people hash out their fears and anxieties in person, and online. It has been a very difficult time for - well, for pretty much everyone around the world, and things don't look to be getting easier any time soon.

But you know what else we've seen? Our community coming together to help each other, and to help others. Our friends and colleagues are doing grocery runs for people who can't (or shouldn't); connecting with each other online, or by phone (remember talking on a phone? Who knew that would get popular again!); connecting with the world at large by streaming stories, recording bedtime stories, sharing art in so many ways. And when the cry goes up for help finding a new job, or needing a shoulder or an ear (virtually, of course) our community rallies around that person and makes them feel valued. Who could ask for more than that?

Although the NYITA is known for its award shows, the organization has evolved over the years to become a community leader, and we'd like to continue that trend now by doing all we can to help you through this time. Let us know how we can help. Please email us with suggestions, questions, concerns and comments at

Have an innovative day!

Jazmyn, Cat & Akia



March 1, 2020


In 2004, Shay Gines, Jason Bowcutt, and Nick Micozzi created the New York Innovative Theatre Awards to achieve two goals: bring together the artists working in the Off-Off-Broadway arena, and to host an event that would highlight the work of the outstanding artists among us. In 2019, Shay, Jason and Nick decided to hand over the reins to a new group of people, with one injunction - Keep those goals as the mission!


Cat Parker, Akia Squitieri, and Jazmyn Arroyo answered that call and feel as strongly about those goals as the Founders did. While it's been a struggle to try and download in a couple of months all that the Founders have learned over 15 years, we are committed to continuing the mission and working with you to strengthen the Indie theatre artist community.


We have ideas and plans that we are working on, and will be sharing those with you as we move forward. And we'd love to hear from you about what you think the community needs, how you think NYITA can help, and how you can help the NYITA.

Have an innovative day!

Cat, Akia & Jazmyn