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Episcopal Actors Guild, 1 East 29th Street  1/19/2019 to 8/18/2019

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Under St Marks Theater, 94 St Marks Pl  4/25/2019 to 5/5/2019

Displeyst tells the true story of a well-to-do Jewish family, headed by matriarch Margaret Welish. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Margaret took her family from Austria to the Philippines, only to have their life ripped apart again by the invasion of Japan. Using Margaret's 1981 diary and oral historie...
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Electronic City by Falk Richter, Directed by Ildiko Nemeth

New Stage Performance Space, 36 West 106th Street  4/12/2019 to 5/10/2019
Electronic City by Falk Richter is a multi-media theatre piece and a romance like none other. Set in the liminal spaces of modernity, the play follows characters Tom and Joy as they seek belonging, connection, and meaning amid transient lives pressured by long-distance travel, instant communication ...
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Steel Magnolias

Gallery Players of Park Slope, 199 14th Street (btw 4th & 5th)  4/13/2019 to 4/28/2019

Steel Magnolias
Written in just 10 days as a tribute to his sister Susan by playwright Robert Harling, Steel Magnolias examines the relationships between a tight-knit group of southern ladies in a small-town beauty parlor, who witness the milestones in each other’s lives. The play is alternately hilarious and touch...
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The Harrowing of Hell

American Theatre of Actors, Sargent Theatre, 314 West 54th Street  4/10/2019 to 4/21/2019
Sometime in the 13th century, an anonymous author wrote a short play detailing the events of the Harrowing of Hell, when, after dying, Jesus went to Hell to rescue all the prophets imprisoned there. This play, one of the first ever written in English, was so popular it survives in multiple sources,...
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124 Bank Street Theatre, 124 Bank Street  4/25/2019 to 5/5/2019

Lady Macbeth by Kenneth Morton
A Scottish general Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Spurred to action by his wife and the promise of power, he murders King Duncan and takes the throne for himself. Consumed by guilt and paranoia, Macbeth spirals downward on a journey o...
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And Then There Were None

Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  4/18/2019 to 4/28/2019

Designed by Richard Mazda
Before CLUE! Before Murder, She Wrote! One writer penned the mother of all murder mystery whodunits, with an ending that still shocks readers today! Watch Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None unravel LIVE at The Secret Theatre! ...
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A.R.T./New York Gural Theatre, 502 W 53rd Street  4/18/2019 to 5/11/2019

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in NYC, the black mother of a victim and the white brother of the shooter try to make sense of what happened, each individually grappling with a soul-shattering experience that few understand. An exploration of loss and survival, ENTANGLED is the story of two stra...
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The Rare Biosphere

Calvary St. George's, 61 Gramercy Park North  4/26/2019 to 5/19/2019

Sophie, a bright Honduran-American teenager, comes home from high school to find that her parents have been deported. She immediately goes into bunker-down survival mode, trying to care for her younger siblings without raising suspicion and considering her next move. Her plan is complicated by a wel...
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The Poor of New York

Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 E 4th Street  4/21/2019 to 5/19/2019

Bob Mackasek and David Logan Rankin. Photo: Metropolitan Playhouse
A financial crash, a government shut-down, and a banker grows rich off another man's fortune, while that man's family sinks deeper and deeper into debt. Their lives are all intertwined with a young aristocrat, an immigrant family, and a whimsical, opportunistic thief, all struggling with newfound...
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Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  5/2/2019 to 5/12/2019

Nine individuals who have attempted the killing of a US president tell their stories in this revue-style portrayal of humor, drama, history, and fiction. Assassins is an illustration of very different people who have made extreme choices for all the (seemingly) right reasons....
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Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr

Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street  5/3/2019 to 5/18/2019

Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr
Witty yet somehow earthy, Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr is, arguably, the most perfectly constructed light comedy of the English-speaking stage. Mary is a compulsively wise-cracking magazine editor who uses her sense of humor to shield her insecurities, while Bob is an infuriatingly sensible publisher. T...
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Recent Tragic Events

The Bridge at Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street, New York, NY  5/8/2019 to 5/18/2019
It's the day after September 11, and Waverly opens her apartment door, aghast. How could she have forgotten her blind date, Andrew, would be picking her up? As she scrambles to get ready, a series of twists, turns, and unexpected guests make for a fateful first date....
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Caroline, or Change

Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens, 21-12 30th Rd  5/2/2019 to 5/25/2019
Set in one of the most turbulent decades in America’s history, the Tony-nominated Caroline, or Change tells the riveting story of a remarkable but uneasy friendship between a young Jewish boy and his family’s Black maid in 1963 Louisiana. The virtuosic score by Jeanine Tesori (Fun Home), which blend...
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Timon of Athens

Riverbank State Park Ampitheater, 679 Riverside Dr  5/3/2019 to 5/19/2019
An ensemble cast of six and two directors present the rarely-seen story of Timon, a wealthy Athenian whose generosity and good-heartedness leads to his downfall....
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HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Avenue  5/9/2019 to 5/26/2019

the cast of #yourmemorial
When Lottie dies at her internship in Afghanistan, her friends must decide who gets to tell her story. #yourmemorial is a play about what we choose to remember, what we refuse to see, and what it means to be real in the Facebook age. ...
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Hurricane Sleep

IATI Theater, 64 E. 4th St.   5/3/2019 to 5/12/2019

Hurricane Sleep is a sonata of floating and drowning, a story of fleeing and finding, of what we hold onto and what remains when we are forced to let go. Outside is a hurricane. Sal finds herself in a flooded bodega where she meets Ome and a host of other New York characters fleeing the storm. Betw...
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Rose Nagelberg, 55 Lexington Ave  4/27/2019 to 5/11/2019
The virtually unknown story of Albanians risking everything to protecting thousands of Jewish World War II refugees is a reminder of the best of human nature, and a call to action. Despite Nazi occupation, not one Jew was taken to a concentration camp from Albania and it was the only country in Euro...
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