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The Infinite Wrench

Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  9/29/2017 to 5/26/2018

The Infinite Wrench is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for a live audience. Each play offers something different, be it funny, profound, elegant, disgusting, topical, irrelevant, terrifying, or a song; all are truthful and tackle the here-and-now, inspired by the lived exper...
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One More Time with Malice

Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette Street  3/8/2018 to 3/17/2018

Cardazone Design Associates
In this new play, Freddie has a secret he is spared of telling when his mom tries to commit suicide. Thrown into a family reunion and forced to face his fears, should he cut and run or try to connect?...
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Mr. Chekhov and Mr. Porter

Medicine Show Theatre, 549 West 52nd Street, 3rd Floor  1/31/2018 to 2/24/2018
A musical marrying the unbridled joy of Cole Porter's music to the beautiful dreams of Anton Chekhov's characters....
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Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  2/15/2018 to 3/3/2018

Loosely based on the 1957 memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, Gypsy revolves around the famous striptease artist and her mother, Rose, a "backstage mom." Including "Everything's Coming up Roses," "Together (Wherever We Go)," "Small World," "You Gotta Get a Gimmick," "Let Me Entertain You," "All I Need Is ...
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The Founders Hall Theater at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen St., between Clinton St. & Court Street in Brooklyn Heights  2/22/2018 to 3/25/2018

Sondheim/Weidman ASSASSINS at Theater 2020!
ASSASSINS With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by John Weidman, based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr., Assassins is not done as often as many of Sondheim’s other musicals, perhaps due to the nature of the subject. It is a revue-style portrayal of men and women who attempted (succes...
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A Marriage Contract

Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 E 4th Street  2/16/2018 to 3/18/2018

A comedy of country and city life when well-intentioned and determined lovers of each must contend with falling in love with one another. The valiant effort of a city boy to break himself to his country wife's little town nearly succeeds, in spite of its inertia and its judgments. At least his failu...
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Or Current Resident

Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue   2/8/2018 to 2/25/2018

Graphic Design by Lindsay Famula Becker
The multi-generational Finches have weathered a rapidly-changing community in the heart of Silicon Valley crammed together in rambunctious harmony. Or Current Resident throws the covers off an eccentric little universe that has survived on fortitude and self-deception; a universe that now lies shive...
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Brilliant Traces

The WorkShop Theater | Mainstage, 312 West 36th Street, Fourth Floor East  2/15/2018 to 3/4/2018

poster design by Jean Goode
"The place is a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. As a blizzard rages outside, a lonely figure, Henry Harry, lies sleeping under a heap of blankets. Suddenly, he is awakened by the insistent knocking of an unexpected visitor who turns out to be Rosannah DeLuce, a distraught young woman who has fl...
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Time Stands Still

Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue   3/8/2018 to 3/25/2018
Time Stands Still revolves around Sarah, a photojournalist who has returned from covering the Syrian war after being injured by a roadside bomb, and her reporter boyfriend James, who is swamped by guilt after leaving Sarah alone in Syria. Can they live in peace when they thrive on the adrenaline rus...
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JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Avenue  2/15/2018 to 3/3/2018
Mary Wallace and Athena are brave, and seventeen, and fencers, and training for the Junior Olympics. They practice together, they compete against each other, they spend their lives together. They wish they were friends....
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Not From Here

Ace Hotel New York, 20 W 29th Street  2/4/2018 to 2/25/2018

Not From Here, a devised play
“Not From Here” is an immersive theater piece about being from one place and going to another place. What are the stories we tell in order to define ourselves, and what happens when we carry them with us as we leave home? How do we make sense of ourselves as strangers in strange lands? And i...
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Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  3/5/2018 to 3/20/2018
Syndrome illustrates the seemingly simple dilemma of a man with Tourette's Syndrome working up the nerve to meet his parents for dinner, and goes on to portray the varied complexity of the Syndrome and its effect upon the person who must live with it. ...
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Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  3/8/2018 to 3/21/2018
Journey into the soul of a woman betrayed by her famed husband, philosopher Karl Marx. Manifesting Mrs. Marx is a biographical non-biography. Jenny Marx is subverting the telling of the story of Jenny Marx by another, to tell the story of Jenny Marx, herself. It is about a woman trapped inside hist...
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The Loneliest Number

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center,   2/22/2018 to 3/10/2018
The Loneliest Number is the story of Wendy and John, a struggling couple who decide to take on a new partner, or "third," every month....
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The Laramie Project Cycle

Access Theater Black Box, 380 Broadway, 4th Floor  2/22/2018 to 3/4/2018
Parts 1 and 2 of The Laramie Project Cycle in Rep....
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New Ohio Theater, 154 Christopher Street #1E  2/23/2018 to 3/11/2018
A man of status with questionable sexual ethics runs rampage. A society fixated on the chaos of the moment ignores their collapsing economic system. A culture of open gun possession leads to rash and deadly consequences. Laura Wickens’s focused, raw, and riotous adaptation rips the heart out of Anto...
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Life Brief and Glorious

IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  3/8/2018 to 3/24/2018
Men and ships and men and ships and men and ships… Murder. Sex. Achilles’ heel. A modern re-telling of the events leading up to the fall of Troy, as seen through the eyes of the women responsible for holding the city together....
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Much Ado About Nothing

The Center at West Park, 165 W 86th St.   3/15/2018 to 3/24/2018

Things are about to get messy in Messina as Hamlet Isn't Dead presents Shakespeare's classic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Come join us in the idyllic Italian countryside for a merry war full of laughs, love, and live music. It's everything you've come to expect (and more!) from one of Shakespeare...
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Mark Ravenhill's "Ghost Story"

The Workshop Theater/ The Jewel Box , 312 W. 36th Street, Fourth Floor East  2/23/2018 to 3/10/2018

The Power of the Mind
Ghost Story, a compelling drama that follows three women grappling with the physical, and emotional realities of advanced cancer. As they wrestle with the limitations of their own thoughts and belief systems on life and death, a new perspective on their mortality and immortality emerges from a deepe...
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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Speyer Hall Theater, 184 Eldridge Street  3/22/2018 to 3/31/2018

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Plaza Suite

Gallery Players of Park Slope, 199 14th Street (btw 4th & 5th)  3/10/2018 to 3/25/2018
Perhaps Neil Simon’s best work. A comedy classic. Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying Suite 719 at the Plaza Hotel. A suburban couple take the suite while their house is being painted and it turns out to be the one in which they honeymooned 23 years before. This...
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Came Tumbling After

@Seaport , 210 Front Street  2/5/2018 to 3/3/2018
When a seemingly perfect couple is rattled by a violent assault and then let down by the justice system, they are forced to take matters into their own hands. With the prospect of committing a sacrificial murder to save their marriage, Jack and Jill discover that revenge and castration are toughe...
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The Melting Pot

Access Theater Black Box, 380 Broadway, 4th Floor  3/16/2018 to 3/24/2018

"…here you stand in your fifty groups, with your fifty languages and histories, and your fifty blood hatreds and rivalries. But you won’t be long like that, brothers, for these are the fires of God you’ve come to—these are the fires of God." In Carol Lashof’s incendiary world premiere play the b...
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Breitwisch Farm

Town Stages, 221 W Broadway  3/2/2018 to 3/16/2018
Unprotected legal status of immigrants. Football players turned activists. Environmental destruction and the rise of the alt right in political power. But this isn’t Trump’s 2018, but a small organic farm in rural Wisconsin in 2011. The middle class has long been disappearing. Democracy has long bee...
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Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, 104 W. 14th Street  3/16/2018 to 3/26/2018
INDEPENDENCE is an exciting female-fueled play that dives into the world of a mother, her three daughters, and all the misconnections between them. Co-Directed by Tony Award and Drama Desk-nominated actress Elizabeth A. Davis and Srđa Vasiljević (Assistant Director of Deaf West's Spring Aw...
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